Josh is a made-in-India short video app that aims to be the new popular video-sharing app in India. Ever since the highly popular video-sharing app TikTok was banned, there has been a huge gap left in the market for a good video-sharing app. Many apps have emerged since then in…


Inchin Closer is a premium India-China language and cultural consultancy, which seeks to bring India and China Closer, through people-to-people interaction, increased information exchange, and cross-border programs. It focuses on teaching Mandarin and Hindi; translating and interpreting between Mandarin, English, and Hindi.

Learning any new language has its own perks…

What is Life Design?

Ever been stuck in the “Perfection Bubble”? You know the same fantasy world where your ideas are existing in their most elegant form, the most beautiful thing about this bubble is that there is no upper cap to the layer of perfection that you can add to your ideas, it’s…

Pragyan Shukla

Artist | Designer | Interaction Design Enthusiast

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